The waist is closed and the shoulders are right

The waist is closed and the shoulders are right. The height of the heel for daily commuting, the confidence of the small thick heel, the sexy and lively side hollowed part, cool and cute. The black and white color matching is really a color matching that will never go wrong. The classic is the classic. The waist line of this skirt is just right, and the proportion is excellent. The material is a little like the chiffon with texture and weight. It is not easy to wrinkle, and it is cool. The simple matching of Mary Jane with color blocking echoes with the collar of the dress, which is full of French style. Every girl must have a little black dress. Dating never goes wrong 1. A dress with good shape can really beautify the body, and the bubble sleeves can also be turned into a straight shoulder. The sweet and sexy one can be done. Half barrel black silk stockings with small leather shoes are sexy and careful.

heels or clothing with lower heels

it can also match with flat heels or clothing with lower heels. It is really a kind of dreamlike existence. We started to wear it when we were very young, and we can still wear it until we are 50 or 60 years old. It has a variety of styles and styles. It is really changeable. We can have thousands of different skirts in our life, which is really not easy. But some are dresses, some are skirts, some are long skirts, and so on. There are also various types. How can we wear them with a lasting appeal? That’s another way of saying.

Because there are many people who really don’t know how to dress up. If I buy something like mine, I will directly put it on. I will not try this style and that style like those bloggers, nor will I tell them how to match it. In fact, it’s not that I don’t want to eat,

Put on the coat and bring your own academic style

Put on the coat and bring your own academic style. Besides, the skirt of the coat can also be very long, making you look tall. What are the matching options for sleeveless dresses? For women who like to wear dresses, it is a common problem for Asians to wear dresses, especially sleeveless dresses. After all, the long sleeved dress is loose and elegant, which is not suitable for wearing a coat. Besides, it does not have a very good decorative effect and will continue to show the shortcomings of sexy clothing. If your chest is too big or flat, how can you wear a sleeveless dress to set off the high-end sense of wearing clothes? In the elegant matching of the lower garment, it is not suitable to wear capris without long legs, and a pair of high-heeled shoes with thin heels is definitely a fashion favorite.

There are also some good clothing styles

There are also some good clothing styles, such as V-neck round neck dress and narrow collars. The straight tube type long sleeve dress straight tube skirt has similar effect with the long skirt itself in combination. It must be noted that when walking, the long skirt does not mop the floor, revealing a certain leg surface. The straight tube skirt looks more relaxed. Do not wear short clothes with loose and long clothes. They can lengthen the body proportion. They are fashionable and tall. They must show thin legs to make them more sensual! Long skirts are very popular in the fashion circle, but this short and long style is particularly beautiful! The slim short dress has a good upper body effect. It is absolutely sexy, attractive and thin. But I want to remind you that it is better to choose a dress with a slightly lower color saturation, so that it can be more attractive!Clothes with lower color saturation will have a sense of maturity. You can try all the popular colors this year! Scope.

very ancient style clothing

It is a very ancient style clothing. The small top and the modern skirt are perfectly combined. Although they are not harmonious, the style is quite uniform. Both in color and appearance, the separation is very clear. Although it looks simple, it is enough to attract people’s attention. Or you can try this. You can match a simple shirt with a high waist skirt. The design of the waist of the high waist clothing can make your legs look longer, and the pocket of the high waist skirt can also play a role in decorating. In fact, it’s OK to wear a T-shirt without having to wear a shirt on the upper body. I feel more casual when I wear T-shirts, and look more casual. There are also ways to wear these precautions. I hope you can apply them in your daily life. In particular, you must pay attention to the above precautions, or you will make a big joke. Please pay attention to them. The fabric with strong color contrast with the garment is selected as the collar to extend the body and add a little slender charm. The bell bottoms with large trouser sleeves and the coat with too wide shoulders are inappropriate. It is also not suitable to wear long skirts or low waist skirts, pants and heavy shoes, so as not to reduce people’s sight and expose the shortcomings of the body. The matching of clothes has something to do with age. Younger people can follow the trend and fashion, which can show their youth. People who are mature and even work need to pay attention to their clothes, which should reflect their maturity and stability.

Choose clothes with texture

Choose clothes with texture. Although the cost is higher, they are comfortable to wear. Generally speaking, classic clothes can be worn for several years, and the cost is the same. It’s also comfortable and classy. Same color matching. This is the simplest and most basic color matching method. The same color refers to a series of colors with the same or similar hue, which are different in shades due to changes in lightness. The same color combination can achieve the effect of modesty, calmness and steadiness, which is suitable for mature women with elegant temperament. However, it must be noted that when matching the same color, the lightness difference between colors should be appropriate. The difference is too small, and too close colors are easy to be confused with each other, lacking sense of hierarchy; The difference is too big, and the tone with too strong contrast is easy to split the whole. When matching the same color, it is better to change in three levels: deep, medium and shallow.